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We protect our clients’ businesses and help them grow

Araucaria is a boutique law firm dedicated to helping our clients’ businesses to grow by protecting their intellectual property rights. Our clients can confidently use their brands in the markets where they operate because our bespoke trademark strategies give them the protection and the freedom they need to be active in the markets that matter. They can rest assured that they are doing right by their customers because the data they collect and process as part of doing business are being managed in compliance with the GDPR and Swiss law, thanks to our data protection services.
Now that we’ve put your intellectual property and data protection on a sure footing comes the good part: exercising your rights in carrying out your day-to-day business. Our clients know that we are here to guide them through the practical intricacies of such things as working with influencers, selling goods online, dealing with counterfeits on social media or marketplaces, or addressing subject access requests or customer complaints. Our clients can rely on us to address these matters swiftly to ensure that their business continues to run smoothly. We make the law work for you.


Intellectual Property

  • IP Advisory Services
  • IP Rights Enforcement
  • IP Conflict Management
  • Trademarks
  • Design Rights
  • Copyright
  • Domain Names
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Contracts

Data Protection

  • Data Governance
  • Data Practices Assessment
  • Compliance Audit
  • Tactical Consulting
  • Processing Records Management
  • Internal Policies
  • Contracts
  • Privacy Notices
  • Maintain Compliance


Anca Draganescu-Pinawin

Anca Draganescu Pinawin is the owner and founder of Araucaria. A trademark attorney highly experienced in helping entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinationals to drive business growth through intellectual property, Anca was a Senior IP Counsel in the Swiss office of the Novagraaf Group (a Questel company). In addition to managing portfolios, developing strategies for businesses to optimize the use of their trademarks, and successfully enforcing the intellectual property rights of her clients, she also developed, launched, and led Novagraaf’s Online Brand Protection service. Anca is also a IAPP-certified (CIPP/E, CIPM) data protection and privacy expert: she helps her clients become GDPR-compliant and assists them with their data management-related obligations.
" Anca Draganescu-Pinawin's recommendations are clear and to the point, which makes decision making a lot easier. She also stays up to date on developments in the digital realm, which is a massive advantage. "

World Trademark Review WTR1000

In addition to being a public speaker, presenting the legal dimensions of brand management to marketers and entrepreneurs, among others, Anca has written several articles on intellectual property and business for business owners and the public at large. These have been featured in such publications as World Trademark Review, WIPO Magazine, The Licensing Journal, and The Fashion Law, among others. Anca has also been a WTR1000 Recommended Individual for the past two years and is a member of INTA and IAPP.
Before her career in intellectual property, Anca worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors, as well as for international organizations. In particular, she has a background in the media and as a communications and branding expert, having previously developed and deployed a global branding strategy. Having sat at both the business and the legal sides of the table, she understands the challenges that can only be seen from each standpoint and can help Araucaria’s clients to chart a course between them.

Our way

Keep the gambling to a minimum

Doing business is a bit like gambling: you invest time, capital, and other resources with the expectation that the reward will more than compensate for the risk you shouldered.At Araucaria, we help you keep the gambling to a minimum. We sit down with you and listen carefully to get a clear idea of the current situation of your business and the direction in which you’d like to take it. This could involve entry into new markets, brand development for a new product, strengthening your online presence… We then craft appropriate strategies that protect your brands from bad surprises and free you to pursue your business goals audaciously. Fortune favors the brave, but shows no mercy to the reckless. Let’s be brave.